Everywhere I go now, I see an iPad

Looks like we need to enable our conference attendees to download the conference agenda into their mobile devices.  From Michael J. Shapiro, writing in Meetings and Conventions.

Embracing the iPad
"I'm a huge fan of the iPad," confesses Katja Morgenstern, CMP, a self-described "power user" of the device. Morgenstern, senior project manager for Atlanta-based Meeting Consultants Inc., typically syncs to her iPad the event orders she'll need, by day, while on-site at an event. "And I have them right there instead of having to carry the big binder around," she adds.

Finding a planner who isn't thrilled about leaving the binder behind is becoming a real challenge. "Those binders get heavy," Morgenstern says. "And God forbid you open one the wrong way -- your papers go everywhere."

Having the paperwork in electronic format lightens the load, of course, but it also makes it easier to quickly search for information, respond to client needs, revise documents on-site and send them out when necessary. Accordingly, meetings management software is responding by becoming more mobile-centric: The ootoWeb meeting registration and management platform, for example, designed its mobile app for the iPad precisely to be a substitute for the weighty binder.

"I can honestly say that the on-site paper meeting binder is history as far as I'm concerned," enthuses Christine Kelly, the Cheshire, U.K.-based managing director of events and meetings agency Gemini International, and an ootoWeb customer. "The mobile applications added so much value to our on-site management of the event. We were able to access real-time data relating to both the attendee information and event planning, using the app on the iPad."


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