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It takes full-time students almost as long to complete an associate degree as it does to complete a bachelor's degree.  How can that be?

According to Complete College America, for 2007-08, the average time to degree for a full-time student earning an associate degree was 4.2 years.  For a bachelor's degree, it was 4.9 years.  For those attending part-time, it took students 4.8 years to earn an associate degree and 5.4 years to earn a bachelor's.  An although most associate degrees are 60 credit hours and most bachelor's are 120 hours, the average number of credits accumulated to degree was 79 and 135 for full-time students.  For part-time students the totals were nearly the same, 80 and 134.

Actually, I think those statistics for part-time students are pretty encouraging.  I would have expected it to take longer.

The complete report, Time is the Enemy, can be found here.


roselynn05 said…
I have been an instructor at a community college in Illinois for a little over seven years. I know that I have had several full time students take 3 or 4 years to complete an associate's degree. I currently have a student in one of my classes that I know I had in a class three years ago. He still has not finished his associate's degree.

My husband completed his associate's degree taking classes on a part-time basis. His degree took him about four years. However, this was with him working full-time and helping me raise our four children.

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