The Jerk Store called

To offer you a nice raise.  So, now not only do taller, better-looking employees make more money, there's also a premium on nasty. From Jessica Stillman writing in BNET.

Nice Guys Earn 18 Percent Less, Study Says
Most of us discovered pretty early that life isn’t always fair, but that doesn’t mean the reality of injustice can’t surprise you again and again. Take a new study on pay and personality, for example. It reveals that “agreeable men,” or nice guys in everyday language, earn 18 percent less than jerks.

Using three different, large data sets, researchers from Cornell, Notre Dame and Western Ontario compared the earning of people who rated themselves as more or less agreeable. What makes a person agreeable? Study co-author Beth Livingston recently explained the quality to NPR:
Agreeableness is a complex personality trait and it really encompasses people who are kinder, more trusting, more cooperative. And those who are more disagreeable tend to be more competitive, arrogant, manipulative and they tend to value their relationships less than those who are agreeable.
The analysis revealed that despite general agreement that working with jerks is painful and demoralizing, arrogant and overbearing men still get paid more — 18 percent or $9,772 more to be exact. The difference in pay for more and less agreeable women was much smaller, just 5 percent or $1,828.


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