Lambuth reborn

UM's continuing education unit and my friend Dan Lattimore is running the show.  It appears, though, unlike most CE units, UM's will have to deal with resident students. From The Commercial Appeal.

Ex-Lambuth dons Tiger blue as University of Memphis campus east
And what a new setup it is. By mixing former students from the Methodist liberal arts college with the diverse -- and often older -- students from Jackson State Community College with 18-year-olds who would have otherwise headed to the university's main campus in Memphis, the new student population takes as long to chew over as any sentence describing it.

Teaching them will be 20 carryovers from Lambuth's faculty, "which was most of what they had left," explained Dan Lattimore, the U of M vice provost who is leading the Lambuth satellite. Six other professors were brought over from Jackson State, home to U of M's previous one-room satellite campus in Jackson. Most classes don't even start until 5 p.m.

There are about 360 new students, of whom about 45 are Lambuth holdovers, while around 150 are transfers from Jackson State. In total, there are between 125 and 150 full-time students (the campus has a capacity for 600 residents, although currently only 64 spots are available).


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