Meanwhile, just over the mountains in North Carolina

Appalachian State makes major budget cuts. Eighteen full-time positions are cut, and ASU closes its Broyhill Inn and Conference Center. I hope continuing education makes it out ok. From the High Country Press.

18 Layoffs Part of ASU Budget Reductions
According to the ASU budget reduction summary, 18 graduate and undergraduate programs were terminated, merged or put on probation. McCracken said the master’s programs for family and consumer science education and technology education were eliminated, while master’s programs for computer science, child development (birth to kindergarten) and gerontology were put on probation.

Seventy-four tenure-track faculty lost reassigned time (reduction in teaching duties for research) or were put on probation for losing reassigned time, and 30 faculty off-campus scholarly assignments were stopped.

Operating budgets for colleges and departments were reduced by 30 to 40 percent.

The Belk Library operating budget was slashed by 35 percent, with library hours reduced by 25 percent—meaning the facility is no longer open 24 hours any days of the week.

The plan also includes the closing of the Broyhill Inn and Conference Center, where ASU has been spending $700,000 in state appropriations on salaries and utilities, said Greg Lovins, interim vice chancellor for Business Affairs at ASU, in August.

ASU restructured its information technology (IT) system across campus and moved 16 IT positions from state-supported to fee-supported salaries. The university removed state funding for 17 positions in auxiliary units, center and institutes and Printing & Publications.

McCracken acknowledged that the community sees building projects or hears about ASU’s consideration of a move to a higher football division and questions cuts in faculty and staff positions.


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