More education still means higher salaries

The Census Bureau chimes in.  From

Still, it’s clear that educational attainment is still far and away the biggest determinant of our long-term earning power. And the Census Bureau report is hardly the first to take a hard look at the correlation between education and income. A study released in August by the American Institutes for Research found that college students who drop out before getting their degrees can expect to lose out on $7,700 of income per year. And kids who drop out of high school are a lot more likely to end up poorer than their parents.


Anonymous said…

Thanks for sharing current articles related to Higher Education. Even at 27, this if my first ever post on a professional blog. I have friends with blogs and although I may read their stories from time to time, rarely, if ever do I post.

I am attending Walden University online for my Masters Degree. Pursuing Higher Education: Leadership and Student Success. If you have any tips on other blogs or forums to follow, I would appreciate the recommendation.

In terms of this blog-- "So Kids-- Stay in school!" I plan too! It is the best feeling ever to be educated. It will pay off in the long run. At least, I will do my absolute best to ensure it does!

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