More meeting tips

I always want to improve meetings.  Jeff Haden, writing in BNET, has some interesting advise. I've listed the first one, which contains some universal truths but, in reality, would be hard to implement.  No regular Dean's Council?  Not likely. The whole list is worth your time.

9 Hardcore Steps to Leading Incredibly Effective Meetings
  1. Never set a regular schedule. Consistency breeds complacency. After a while the “Monday meeting” becomes just another entry on a calendar, and attendees stop preparing and quit caring. If at all possible, set a different date and time even for consistently held per-time-period meetings. If you meet weekly, alternate days of the week, mornings and afternoons, and even go so far as to set unusual times (like really early or really late in the day.) The more “unusual” you can make the meeting, the more likely your team is to see the meeting as notable and worth preparing for. And speaking of preparation…


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