Nashville mayor wants more college graduates

Do I sense a Graduate!Philadelphia type of initiative starting to percolate?  I know there has been some interest shown and some discussions in the past.  Nashville has enough colleges and universities in the city to pull something off. It's encouraging that he leads his second term with this effort. From Michael Cass writing in The Tennessean.

Dean begins 2nd term urging Nashville to double college grads
Nashville should set a goal of doubling its number of college graduates in the next five years, Mayor Karl Dean said after taking office to start his second term Friday.

“When a city’s population of college graduates goes up, both income and gross metropolitan product goes up as well,” Dean said in his inaugural address to an estimated crowd of 500 people on the Public Square in front of the Metro Courthouse. “... The experts say this should take 10 years. I see no reason why we should not try to do it in five. There is nothing we as a city can accomplish that will have a greater or longer-lasting impact.”

The mayor said his office would work with Metro schools to decide how to measure growth in the population of residents with a two-year or four-year degree. Census data released this week in the 2010 American Community Survey said an estimated 20.6 percent of Nashville residents who are 25 and older have a four-year degree, while an estimated 6 percent have a two-year credential.


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