Nationwide, community college enrollment

Shows no growth.  In Tennessee, it's looking like community college enrollments are dipping slightly, with universities showing small increases on average. From Tabitha Whissemore, writing in The Community College Times.

Flat enrollments for the fall
After record-high increases over the last few years, community colleges are seeing enrollments return to more normal rates of increase, and a growing number of colleges are even reporting declines.

Although many colleges won’t know their final enrollment number for another week or two, officials note they don’t expect too much variance in the data, which show, on average, a range of decreases from 5 percent to increases of about 5 percent. The reasons for the subdued numbers vary, but much of it boils down to funding, both for the colleges and for the students.
For information about Michigan's community college, go to Michigan community colleges see enrollment dip after years of growth.


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