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An innovative course at WIU.  From University Business Magazine.

Magic is Hard Work University Business Magazine
Most people go to Disney to relax and have fun. For the past three years, David Zanolla, a communication instructor at Western Illinois University , has taken students in his Disney World Communication Culture course to see the principles they learn about in class in action. “The people who needed the most convincing were the parents,” he says, adding that the spring break timeframe is usually thought of as party time. But with a daily schedule of 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., students have a full plate.

When Zanolla heard the WIU Honors College was accepting proposals for a special topic seminar, he expanded a well-received supplemental lecture about Disney Culture he’d been presenting to his freshman class into a one-credit course. The idea turned into a full-semester course with the Orlando trip about mid-way through.


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