The old English major in me

Loves stuff like this.  An essay, not just on the Smurfs but--wait for it--Smurfette. And I have to admit that I always wondered what the deal was with just one female Smurf.  I can rest easy tonight. From Jason Richard writing in The Atlantic.

The Problem With Smurfette
So Smurfette's existence—and the apparent tie between her goodness and her looks—is problematic from a feminist perspective, to say the least. And yet the the Smurfs, which began in 1958 as a Belgian comic by artist Pierre Culliford (a.k.a. Peyo), have endured. Matt Murray, author of the new book The World of Smurfs: A Celebration of Tiny Blue Proportions, chalks up the Smurfette narrative to being a reflection of its time and place.


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