Tomorrow is

Dress Up Like Steve Jobs Day. This new made-up holiday from iPhone Life (Why on earth haven't I been getting this publication?) is highlighted in Time's Techland.

IMPORTANT: Friday Is ‘Dress Up Like Steve Jobs Day’
Back to the issue at hand: Friday is "Dress Up Like Steve Jobs Day"—a holiday of sorts manufactured by iPhone Life magazine, per the publication's Facebook page.

We have all been instructed "to wear jeans and a black t-shirt for one day on Friday, September 9th, 2011," though as we all know, the truly authentic outfit would be a black, long-sleeve cashmere and silk mock turtleneck, Levi's 501 jeans, and gray New Balance sneakers (style #992).

That's a total financial outlay of around $400. Steve has "Apple money," though, so maybe the jeans and black t-shirt thing is easier. And aside from paying homage to the Apple co-founder, iPhone Life promises that photos of the best outfits will be published in an upcoming issue.


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