Advice for completing your terminal degree

While working full-time.  Many of us in continuing higher education have completed our doctorates while working in higher education and raising a family.  It's hard, and there are many, many A.B.D.s out there to prove that point.  George S. McClellan, writing in The Chronicle of Higher Education, has advice for those combining doctorates and full-time employment.  And like he says below, for those already with jobs, it's all about finishing! The one thing he neglects to mention is finding a supportive spouse, like I had, to help you along.

There is a great deal of wisdom in the adage that the best dissertation is the one that is finished. Beyond the surface, however, what factors increase the likelihood that your thesis will be not only finished but good? I see three essential elements: Your dissertation topic has to be compelling to you, acceptable to your committee, and doable within the scope of your time and resources.


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