PowerPoint fatigue

There are options.  Johnathan Blum, writing in Entrepreneur.com, lists alternatives for presentations.  I've excerpted his section on Prezi, because I was recently given a Prezi presentation, and it was pretty slick.  I later learned that the staff member who designed it had used it as a part of a job interview.

A Look at PowerPoint Alternatives for Your Next Presentation

PreziWhat it is: Prezi offers a different approach to building online presentations. Rather than a series of traditional slides, Prezi's Web-based tool works from a single canvas where you insert elements such as text, images and video and then link them together to create visual storylines. A Prezi presentation starts as this mash of text, images and video and then zooms in on each cluster of connected ideas, topics and other media in the order determined by the user. If the tool sounds a little offbeat, it is. The basic tool is free. Paid versions start at $59 per year, and offer such features as personalized company branding, improved privacy settings so only those in your group see it, and you can work offline.

What you might like: Prezi forces users to think about their presentations in sum and then visually diagram them with a what-you-see-is-what-you-get design tool. We found it easy to create nontraditional looking presentations. For example, connecting a series of facts on one slide to another would be tough to do with a more conventional tool like PowerPoint. And we liked a tool called the "Zebra," which is basically a big cursor that allows for easy editing of complex elements. If you want to kick-start your demonstration ideas, Prezi is your choice.

What you might not like: The unique Prezi presentation system will require buy-in from your team since it asks them to think about their presentations, and their ideas, not as a series of static, fact-filled slides, but a sequence of stills culled out of a larger visual theme. That means committed PowerPoint users could be Prezi haters. Plus, the sweep of Prezi tends to make presentations, how shall we say, "ambitious" because Prezi prompts users to think in a larger scale and then gives them powerful tools to present that large idea at full scale. So big ideas tend to get really big in Prezi. Plan on aggressive editing and review of Prezi content to keep it on message.


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