Tales of the non-traditional

U.S. News & World Report has a nice story on lifelong learning. When this quits being news, our jobs will be done. Laura McMullen is the author.

Baby Boomers Keep Learning With Continuing Education Classes - US News and World Report
Clarice Belcher is 58. She taught English at community colleges, worked at a newspaper, and never thought much about economics. But her life partner is interested in the subject, so Belcher decided to enroll in an economics class at the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) at Emory University in Atlanta.

"Honestly, at the end of that [class], I said, 'This is not rocket science. I can do this. I can understand this. I can learn this!'" Belcher says.

Since taking her first class in spring of 2011, Belcher has enrolled in several more courses and is currently a member of the curriculum committee. At OLLI, many students are experienced enough to also teach courses, and with her education background, Belcher now teaches a class called The Language of Compassion. She's also enrolled in The History of Vietnam, which has been a real eye-opener for her.


roselynn05 said…
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roselynn05 said…
This was a great article. Lifelong learning is so important. This sounds like an amazing program allowing for adults to learn and teach each other a variety of skills and knowledge. I teach at a community college, and in my classes, I sometimes have adults that are there to just learn. They are not there because they are trying to earn a degree or because their parents told them to be there. They are truly interested in learning.

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