Which states have the highest student loan default rates?

Arizona has the highest at nearly 16%.  But some of the others are surprising: Arkansas (11.74%), Indiana (11.61%), Iowa (11.56%).  Tennessee is at 9.92%.  Montana and North Dakota are below 4%.  USA Today has a neat interactive map if you follow the link below:

For-profit colleges focus of student loan issue
Federal student aid is increasingly flowing to for-profit colleges and universities, raising concerns about whether the money is being well-spent.

The federal government has promoted and subsidized loans as a way to help young people and workers get the education needed to succeed in a troubled economy. The government made or guaranteed more than 80% of the $1trillion in loans outstanding and backed more than 90% of new loans this year.

For-profit schools such as the University of Phoenix, DeVry University and hundreds of smaller institutions have been particularly successful in winning students and their federal aid by offering courses that focus on specific careers, often taught online and aimed at older, non-traditional students.


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