Charging for adult education

decreases participation.  As demand decreases, states can justify cutting programs.  I'm not saying that's the justification in Florida, but that's how it work.  From Scott Travis, writing in

New fees drive down adult education enrollment
Many of Florida’s high school dropouts are giving up the chance to go back to school because they now are required to pay tuition.

Enrollment in GED preparation classes has fallen 70 percent in Broward County and 61 percent in Palm Beach County.

Students are also fleeing several other adult education classes as well, including English classes for non-native speakers. Statewide, about 338,000 people took basic adult education classes last year, and state figures show the decline to be at least 38 percent this year. These classes used to be free, but students must now pay as much as $360 a year.

The drop in enrollment has raised concerns about Florida’s ability to create an educated workforce.


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