Everything I know about Thanksgiving

I learned from television.  Jeff Alexander, writing in Time, shares some holiday prime-time wisdom.
What TV Teaches Us About Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving can be a tough holiday, fraught with tension as old resentments threaten to bubble to the surface and the pressure to provide (or enjoy) the perfect meal brings out the worst in some people. Or at least that’s what I’ve learned about the holiday from watching television (which is where I, like plenty of other people, learned a lot of what I know about the world). Here are some other useful nuggets — nay, drumsticks — of wisdom to keep in mind as the holiday approaches, courtesy of some of the best Thanksgiving-themed television episodes ever:
Turkeys are flightless. The first time I saw a particularly memorable episode of WKRP in Cincinnati, I wasn’t old enough to know for sure that turkeys are flightless birds. That was, until the station manager attempted a marketing promo in which a flock was released from an airborne helicopter, and I suddenly got a lot older. After hearing Les Nessman’s horrified live commentary from the scene and Dr. Johnny Fever’s summary that “the Pinedale shopping mall has just been bombed with live turkeys,” I haven’t ever forgotten it. As God is my witness, I’ll never think turkeys can fly.


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