Let the midnight special shine a light on me

I first heard about third shift classes 20 years ago; then assumed they had given way to online classes. Maybe they are making a comeback.  From USA Today.

Colleges start offering 'midnight classes' for offbeat needs
A handful of colleges across the USA are offering "midnight classes" that cater to the schedules of students with children, inflexible jobs or just a yen to stay up all night. On overburdened campuses, the late-late classes have the chance to use space that's booked during conventional hours.

Midnight classes are still a relative rarity but are growing in popularity among community colleges, which are geared toward working students. Many of those colleges have ballooning enrollments and overbooked traditional night and weekend classes.

"They would rather do anything than turn students away," says Norma Kent of the American Association of Community Colleges. "If you've got faculty that's willing to teach at an unconventional hour, then it's a solution for a lot of things."


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