Outside the box, looking in

Late yesterday afternoon, I was in a meeting I called to discuss how various offices of the university would need to work with us in order to operate a new entrepreneurial enterprise.  In the Spring, we will be starting an intensive English center for international students.  That will follow on the heels of our initial Winter Session, an online five-week session that we are piloting over what has traditionally been Christmas break. Both efforts require the help of numerous university offices, faculty, and staff.  And most readily offer that assistance.

As I thought about it afterwardsthat's been my continuing higher education career in a nutshell.  We try new things.  Some succeed, some don't.  In the arc of my career, most have succeeded.  That's what I am paid for.  And every success has impacted other offices and required new procedures while creating new problems. 

I may not be the heart of the university, but I help keep it strong.


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