Transfer students have lower completion rates

So the University of Minnesota will accept fewer of them.  To better serve those who get in, 'natch.  From The Minnesota Public Radio News.

U of M to accept fewer transfer students
If you're a college student thinking about transferring to the University of Minnesota, pay attention: it's about to get tougher to make the cut.

Aiming to improve the experience and performance of transfer students, the university plans to allow fewer in the door. That means more competition for students hoping to make the jump to the university.
Bob McMaster, dean of undergraduate education, said university officials appreciate and welcome transfer students. He said 35 percent of undergraduates are transfers, considerably higher than many other research universities. For example, about 17 percent of students at the University of Wisconsin and Michigan State University are transfer students.

But after spending two years looking at how transfers students adjust to their new school, univeristy officials decided they have too many, McMaster said. He said the university, which now admits about 2,500 transfer students a year, plans to have transfer students make up 33 percent of the student population.

As a result, the university will accept 300 fewer transfer students next fall. McMaster said that will allow the school to concentrate more resources on fewer transfers.


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