University of Memphis employees unable to identify porn actress

So the investigation is over. Another student left behind. Even though there's no such thing as bad publicity, UM declines to prosecute. From the Memphis Commercial Appeal.

University of Memphis ends porn tape investigation
When an adult video surfaced on this week showing a woman leaving the University Center, the student center at the University of Memphis, wearing a U of M sweatshirt, a black baseball cap and Daisy Duke-style denim shorts, the university launched an investigation into whether she was a student.

That investigation consisted of typing a name that appeared on the video, "April Pratt," into the student directory. No results. Then, said Sheryl Lipman, a university lawyer, her face was shown "to some people on the academic side of things." Whoever those few people were -- Lipman wouldn't say Thursday -- they were unable to recognize the woman out of the 23,000-member student body.


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