Accelerated Opportunity

A new Kentucky program combines adult basic education and technical training in a community college setting.  This seems like a promising partnership.  From Merlene Davis, writing in

New accelerated adult ed program hopes to get students better jobs

The Accelerating Opportunity program at eight community colleges in the Kentucky Community and Technical College System will give qualifying adults a chance to earn college credits and skills that can lead to better-paying jobs.

A partnership between Kentucky Adult Education, the Kentucky Workforce Investment Board and KCTCS will give adults a chance to get basic adult education at the same time they are taught technical skills. After at least one semester, students will earn a certificate, which they can use to be placed in jobs in that field.

"We know that many students come from the adult education pathway who are maybe behind academically, or older adults who struggle to get into jobs that are careers," said Jay Box, chancellor at KCTCS. "When they enter the college system, they run into the slow process of developmental education before they can get to technical programs. Some get frustrated and drop out."

With this new program, the adult education teacher works side by side with the technical instructor. For example, if a student studying office systems technology at Bluegrass Community and Technical College has a deficiency in sentence structure, the adult education teacher can address that problem and have it put into career context by the office management instructor who is in the same classroom, Box said.


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