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Ba-doom Pshh. In a former life, I advised students in an external degree program.  This was before online learning, of course. In fact, I'm not sure we had personal computers yet. (Sigh)  Anyway, we had inmates in the program from the prison in Fort Madison, Iowa.  Until they burned down the classroom facility.  Perhaps the ultimate SAI. Before the fire, we offered live classes there taught by primarily regular university faculty. I still remember one Estonian English Professor who always referred to the location as Pen State. He was a funny guy.  I also recall running into him as I was in line to see American Gigolo and he pointed to himself, smiled, and said "Estonian Gigolo."

This is from Heidi Hall, writing in The Tennessean.

Grant offers young inmates chance to earn college credit
Beginning next month, inmates at Charles Bass Correctional Complex, a medium-security men’s prison in Nashville, can start taking liberal arts classes for credit through Nashville State Community College.

The program is being funded through a $121,000 U.S. Department of Education grant for young offenders. It covers Nashville State tuition, textbooks, instructors’ salaries and the technology needed for the program. The grant is good for three semesters, two classes per semester.

The 25 inmates in the program — ages 18-25 — will have to qualify for admission like any other Nashville State student, plus complete an application, pay a $15 application fee and write an essay on why they want to be in the program. They must have less than seven years left on their sentences. Courses can transfer to any other public Tennessee college or university upon release.


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