I should be playing basketball with this guy today

In our usual Friday game. When I retire, I'll leave him the K off my first name so he can properly spell his.

Dr. Marc Fagelson presents research on blast-induced tinnitus

A professor of audiology at East Tennessee State University who has explored the connection between tinnitus and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) among U.S. military veterans recently presented his research findings at a conference held by the United States Department of Defense (DoD).

Dr. Marc Fagelson, the director of ETSU’s audiology program, works with veterans at the James H. Quillen Veterans Affairs Medical Center (VAMC) in a clinic that specializes in management of bothersome tinnitus, a condition where a person hears a sound – often characterized as a “buzzing” or “ringing” – that has no apparent external cause. He was one of only 12 researchers to present at the “International State-of-the-Science Meeting on Blast-Induced Tinnitus,” held recently by the DoD in Chantilly, Va.


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