Louisiana starts program for adult students

Consolidating services for adult students.  What a novel concept (sigh).  This article from The Hechinger Report also reports on the good work done by Graduate!Philadelphia and its executive director, Hadass Sheffer.  ACHE members already know Hadass, of course.

For millions of college dropouts, second chances prove difficult
Now public-policy groups, private foundations and higher-education officials have a new idea for increasing the share of the population with college degrees: convincing people who quit college to come back.

A program called the Center for Adult Learning in Louisiana, or CALL, for instance—sponsored by that state’s board of regents—offers courses that take less than half as long to complete as traditional college courses, and awards credit for what students already know through a process called “prior-learning assessment.” All of this is meant to help people with some college credits complete their degrees.

One of CALL’s success stories is John McGee, who had spent seven years in the military and more than a decade as a manager at a Louisiana casino when he went back to college as a working adult. Despite his experience, McGee had to take the same introductory courses as an 18-year-old, leaving him bored and frustrated.

Through CALL, McGee tested out of five introductory courses by passing a series of exams. He took the rest of his classes online in the accelerated format, and finished an associate degree in less than a year.


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