MTSU's Adult Learning Conference

Middle Tennessee State University
in partnership with the Tennessee Higher Education Commission
with support from the Lumina Foundation
is proud to present the 2012 Adult Learning Conference.
February 16-17, 2012

Navigating the Terrain of the Adult Learner:
Signposts to Achievement, Development and Success

This year’s conference will focus on the importance of adult learners to Tennessee’s college completion goals and provide Tennessee colleges and universities with resources to improve the success of adult learners at their institutions. Using the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning’s (CAEL) “Nine Principles of Effectiveness for Serving Adult Learners,” conference participants will learn how the new state funding formula applies to the adult learner population, and have the opportunity to explore promising practices in supporting this large and growing population as we all learn to navigate this new terrain.

Since the third year of the conference, adult learners have also been included in the Adult Learners Conference. A separate student track of break-out sessions allows them to meet other students from across the state and to share ideas to take back to their home institutions.

Please visit the conference web site for more information and to register for the conference.


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