Only four?

Most of these can be filed under think before you speak, but the first one, That's Impossible, got my attention.  I may phrase it as We can't do that, but the meaning is the same.  Those very words from my mouth may close my mind to possibilities. From CBS Money Watch.

4 things a manager should never say
People listen to leaders. It's one of the qualities that helps define them as leaders -- and their followers as followers.

leaders need to mind what they are saying, and avoid knee-jerk responses. "A leader's brain must always work things out ahead of his mouth speaking them," says Patrick Alain, author of The Leader Phrase Book: 3000+ Phrases That Put You In Command.
To help wannabe leaders cement their status, Alain has compiled a shortlist of four phrases that a good leader will never, ever say. Avoid these lines and people will be more likely to follow your lead.


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