SACS rules on Nashville universities

TSU's warning is lifted; Fisk is put on probation.  Also, nearby Carson-Newman University's warning status is removed. For Fisk and Carson-Newman, the issue is and has been financial. From The Tennessean.

Tennessee State University spent the year proving to monitors that its leaders use research to make good decisions and give students the best chance for success.

The result: Full reaccreditation from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, and the continuing federal student aid and public confidence that goes with it.

But another Nashville institution learned Tuesday it will take another year to prove it’s financially stable enough for the same label. Fisk University’s struggles to stay afloat have kept it in the public eye.
SACS placed both Nashville schools on warning status last year, listing a number of deficiencies that needed to be fixed before full reaccreditation. On Tuesday, at an annual meeting in Orlando, SACS commissioners voted on whether both institutions did enough to prove themselves.


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