Don't forget to evaluate

Your keynote speakers.  Rob Hard has some tips to keep in mind.

Speaker Evaluation Forms - Evaluation Forms for Meetings
The most important item that meeting planners should consider when developing a speaker evaluation form is the importance of keeping the form brief (one page). Some tips include:
  • Provide clear, brief instructions at the top.
  • List the session name and speaker on the form.
  • Measure the effectiveness in a maximum of five options.
  • Ask if the session objectives were met.
  • Ask if the session was perceived as valuable.
  • Ask an open ended question for more information.
  • Keep the form optionally anonymous.
  • Ask if there’s any interest in follow up contact.
To be sure, feedback on evaluation forms will be subjective, as the comments are based on many personal factors of who is responding.
For example, those who attend a given program will likely be at different levels of professional experience with a given topic, and that will impact how they respond. Their feedback may also vary based on different expectations of a program before attending.


Bose said…
Rob, you gave me most perfect tips, this was short and simple but very effective!
Speaker Evaluation Form

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