I may have mentioned something earlier about liking my iPhone

Did you know it can work as a scanner with the right app?  Lacey Maulding, writing in Mademan.com, lists ten more.  Some are more useful than others.

11 Awesome Things You Didn’t Know Your iPhone Can Do
Apple products are, by their very nature, extremely intuitive. They know what you want almost before you do, and the new iPhone 4S can even speak. But beyond that, this phone and its predecessors can do a ton of cool stuff that you might not even know. This can seem ominous if you’ve watched the Terminator flicks one too many times, but ultimately, dude, you still have the power. Especially once you study up on the 11 killer apps and secret features below. Not only would they make Steve Jobs proud, they can change your life. For the better, of course.


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