LMU sues American Bar Association over accreditation denial

And The Knoxville News Sentinel agrees with the action.  The LMU law school is located off-campus in Knoxville.

Editorial: Lincoln Memorial University right to fight refusal to accredit law school
LMU has gone to federal court to accuse the ABA of antitrust violations because the organization refused to accredit the university's new John J. Duncan Jr. School of Law in downtown Knoxville.

ABA accreditation is vital to the success of the school. Most states won't let lawyers practice unless they have graduated from an ABA-approved law school.

Tennessee is an exception, but if LMU graduates ever hope to practice outside the state, they'll be out of luck as things stand now.

In denying accreditation, the ABA criticized LMU's admission standards, even though the school's incoming classes have had higher test scores than at least eight accredited schools.

LMU says the real reason for the denial was that the legal establishment wanted to keep out a low-cost competitor.

The ABA misuses "its dominant market power as the gatekeeper for accreditation of law schools," the lawsuit states, and the Duncan school is "a victim of a group boycott orchestrated by (the) ABA in concert with these interested accredited law schools."


Anonymous said…
My question is simply........How can Judge Varlan decide any issue related to the LMU v. ABA case (even the issue of removing the comment from the ABA's website) if he has once recused himself in an action against LMU. ---2009 Order ----- McMillin v. LMU----- While I have all the confidence in the federal judiciary....let's remain independent.
Anonymous said…
3:07-cv-00361 Document No 57

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