Maybe this is why we don't allow back-in parking at ETSU

A Freakonomics reader presents anecdotal evidence that how employees park relates to employee morale. It's an interesting observation albeit a leap of faith.  Oddly enough, it seems to me that in Tennessee, people like to back-in park at restaurants and shopping malls much more than in the Midwest. Perhaps it's a cultural thing. How do employees park at your institution?

Can Parking Direction Tell Us Anything About Company Morale?
After spending time at roughly 100 manufacturing locations around the world, I noticed an odd trend:  the direction that employees parked in their parking spots highly correlated with employee morale and satisfaction with their jobs.  Most of the cars parked forward? A good company to work for, with employees who want to get to work. Most cars backwards? It seems as though the moment that the employee got to work, he or she was planning a quick exit.

Next time you drive by a manufacturing company check it out.

Maybe CEO’s should study Google Earth maps of their parking lots to determine if they are changing a companies culture?


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