Why do adult students drop out

In a guest posting in College, Inc., Inside Track's CEO, Alan Tripp, discusses what his company's research reveals. Nothing we don't already believe to be true, but it's good to have data supporting our beliefs.

Guest post: Non-traditional students key to college completion goal
The good news, however, is that new data tells us why adult college students drop out and how we can best impact them.

— A plurality of students (30 percent) cited managing commitments (such as balancing work, family and school) as their reason for dropping out.
— Difficulty managing finances, at 26 percent, was the second most common reason. (Among younger students – those under 25 – finances ranked first.)
— For 13 percent of adult students, effectiveness (maintaining momentum and seeing complex projects through to completion) was the main reason for dropping out.
— For 9 percent of students, lack of a commitment to graduation factored most prominently.
— Health problems and lack of support followed closely at 8.6 percent.

 This information was uncovered by our research at InsideTrack, and is based on data for 45,000 students from 17 colleges and universities. 


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