Call for research proposals

The Theresa Neil Memorial Research Fund
The Summer Session Research Consortium, which consists of the North American Association of Summer Sessions (NAASS); the North Central Conference on Summer Schools (NCCSS); the Western Association of Summer Session Administrators (WASSA); and the Association of University Summer Sessions (AUSS), is pleased to announce a Call for Proposals for the Theresa Neil Memorial Research Fund.

The total available for the year 2012 is $9,000. One or two proposals will be supported from this amount.
Research Topics
The Consortium invites proposals that address pedagogical or administrative issues that pertain to summer session at North American colleges and universities. For example:

  • Analysis of summer faculty salary issues
  • Assessment of student needs
  • Effects of administrative reorganization (e.g. centralization/decentralization or change from state support to self support
  • Factors related to student choice to attend summer
  • The impact of technology on summer sessions
  • Learning outcomes of compressed or time-intensive courses vs. full semester-length counterparts
  • Relationship of economic factors (unemployment, for example) to summer enrollment
  • The effectiveness of particular marketing strategies
The research must be on a topic of ongoing concern to summer session deans/directors generally. A project that is highly parochial in scope, or that addresses a topic of unlikely interest beyond a specific campus, will probably not be selected for funding with this program.

Conditions for Funding
It is not necessary for the researchers to be involved directly in summer session work, but it is expected that their institution be a current member of one of the Consortium organizations. In addition, award recipients must agree to:

  • Complete the research by December 2013.
  • Present the research findings/results at an annual meeting of NAASS, NCCSS, or WASSA. (The sponsoring associations reserve the right to include a shortened version of the findings/results on their Web pages.)
  • Submit a prĂ©cis or abstract of the results for publication in Summer Academe.
  • Submit a full paper on the findings/results for publication in Summer Academe or to some other journal in the field of education.
  • Submission of two copies of the results for the NAASS archives.
Selection of Awards
The review committee consists of the Research Committee Chairs of NAASS, NCCSS, WASSA, and AUSS. Crucial selection criteria include clarity and completeness of the proposal, significance of the topic, and whether the proposed methodology is suitable for the research question(s) posed. Decisions will be announced by May 2012.

Proposals must be submitted electronically to the Research Consortium Chair, Dr. Donna Shea by Wednesday, March 7, 2012. Funding decisions will be announced by May 2012. Prospective applicants should feel free to contact Donna by e-mail or telephone at 617-353-5124 with questions or to discuss their ideas.


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