Coppin State seeks to improve its graduation rate

Adopting many of the things we preach in continuing education: one stop shopping, timely student assistance, intrusive advising. From The Washington Post.

Coppin State University moves to improve its low graduation rate
One of Ross’s first reforms was to create a centralized customer-service operation, a place students with any logistical problem could go. At the new Student Success Center, the goal is to answer every customer’s question in seven minutes.

Some problems take longer. Last week, Terri Hackett, the center’s director, was helping a freshman find somewhere to live.

Coppin students tend to come from families whose personal and financial details don’t fit neatly on government forms.

Four-fifths of the financial aid applications completed by Coppin students are flagged for irregularities, sometimes for an ambiguous home address or a missing signature.

When he arrived on campus, Ross set about finding seniors who had not registered for their final year of classes. . . .
He also learned that Coppin students were not required to meet with advisers before registering for classes. Some would take too few credits. Others would take too many. 
“Our students, they work 40, 50 hours a week, and then they try to take a full load of courses,” said Nicholas Eugene, president of the Faculty Senate at Coppin.

Now, students must consult their advisers before they register.


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