Good luck, Emily Richardson

And welcome to ACHE South.  From The Chronicle of Higher Education.

Why I Moved: An Intriguing Job Title Pulls a Continuing-Education Dean South.

Someone came over to me at a conference in September and said, "I found your perfect job." I said, "I didn't even know I was looking." 
They said, "Well, I read a job description, and it just so sounds like you." I was absolutely intrigued by the title: "associate vice president for boundless learning." I thought, How cool that is, to explain what we do as continuing educators? The title alone gives you the scope of Stetson's vision. 
So I'm leaving Widener after 22 years, with 10 years in my current position of dean of University College, the home for nontraditional learners. I also held a tenured position in the School of Hospitality Management; I ran hotels before I came into education.


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