I've got a bad feeling about this...

Some tips for those who can't read the tea leaves.  In my shop, it's always a bad sign to be asked to MacDonald's for coffee.  Or even worse, to step outside...From Alison Green , writing in usnews.com. I've listed two of her eight below.

8 Signs You Should Look for a New Job - On Careers (usnews.com)
2. You notice that you're getting a lot more feedback in writing. If your boss used to give you feedback in person and now she's putting criticism in emails, she may be creating a paper trail to build a case for firing you. Many companies require written documentation of problems and warnings before an employee is let go.

3. You've been miserable, angry, or bitter for months. Everyone has days when they feel like they hate their job, their coworkers, or their boss. But if that goes on month after month, it's a good sign that nothing is going to change and you should start looking for somewhere where you'll be happier.


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