The Osborn Memorial Crapper

It has a nice ring to it and certainly would be appropriate if my career tanked.  As a joke, way back when I was teaching English full-time at WIU, I did post my office hours on the door of the men's room.  It was a one-seater, hardly worth my money these days. From Time's Moneyland.

Colleges Are Selling Naming Rights to Campus Restrooms
Colleges and universities around the country, including the University of Colorado Boulder, the University of Pennsylvania and even Harvard Law School have named restroom stalls and walls after alumni and benefactors in exchange for generous donations to the university.

The best-named restroom of them all is without question the Falik Men’s Room at Harvard Law School, which is apparently pronounced exactly how it looks. William Falik, a 1971 Harvard Law grad, donated $100,000 to his alma mater, and the Ivy rewarded him with a recently opened restroom named in his honor. And it was Falik’s idea. He told the Daily Californian that he thought it was “somewhat humorous to have my name outside of a men’s room.” Harvard agreed, and even got a sign-off from Elena Kagan, the law school’s then dean and now a Supreme Court Justice.


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