All hat and no cowboy?

Are you a leader or do you just play one on tv? Mike Myatt, writing in Forbes, shares three things that leaders should focus on.  I've listed one of them.

Is Your Leadership All Sizzle and No Steak?
Stop Talking – Start Doing: Here’s the thing; Leadership is about doing – not talking. While a leader’s actions must inspire and motivate, they must also challenge and convict. Anyone can be a big thinker, but not everyone can be a deep thinker. It’s not particularly difficult to be a prolific talker, but it’s never easy to be a prolific performer. Lots of people listen, few really hear, and even fewer understand. Most people can spot a problem, few can solve them, and even fewer can see beyond the solution to the next challenge or opportunity. Anyone can be part of a team, but not everyone can contribute to a team, and fewer yet can lead a team. The best leaders transfer and distribute their vision such that it is not just owned by the balance of the organization, but it’s improved and scaled by the organization.


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