ELS Center opens at ETSU

This week, ELS Language Centers is opening a new center on the campus of East Tennessee State University that will offer international students English language training and assistance with the college admissions process.

ELS is the world’s largest group of campus-based English language instruction centers, with more than 60 study locations in the United States, Canada and Australia, as well as 14 international sites.

Approximately seven students from Saudi Arabia begin their studies at ETSU today, March 5.  Once the students complete the course, they will be eligible to apply for admission to a college or university and will not be required to take any additional language assessment exams.

ETSU hopes to increase enrollment in the program during the months ahead.

According to Dr. Amy Johnson, interim director of undergraduate and RODP programs for the School of Continuing Studies and Academic Outreach, the course is structured into four-week segments, and students will remain enrolled in the program as long as needed.

“In addition to the language instruction, the students will experience the campus in a variety of ways,” Johnson said.  “They can enjoy meals in the cafeteria, visit our Center for Physical Activity, and they will learn about the process of applying to college.  This is a wonderful outreach opportunity that will help improve access to higher education for students who are facing language barriers.”

The center at ETSU will be under the direction of Matthew Laubengayer, who brings many years of experience with the ELS center in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.  Cheryl Jones is the academic director and comes to ETSU from ELS/Houston-Clear Lake, Texas, and ELS/Grand Rapids, Mich.

For more information about the ELS Center at ETSU, call (423) 439-7147.


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