Forgetta 'bout it

New Jersey receives top score of B+ in a report card of corruption risk in the United States.  Tennessee received a C (76%), with an A for Internal Auditing but a D- for Ethics Enforcement Agencies and an F for Redistricting. From iWatch News.

New Jersey: Best score in the country
New Jersey, contrary to its national reputation, is not all concrete and blacktop; nor is the Garden State one giant, toxic waste dump; and the majority of its 8.8 million residents are not bed-hopping, scantily-clad, tough-talking beach bums.

And neither, then, is New Jersey the most corrupt state in the nation, according to the State Integrity Investigation, a collaboration of the Center for Public Integrity, Global Integrity and Public Radio International. In fact, the months-long probe ranks New Jersey ranks No. 1 for transparency and accountability in state government, with a grade of B+ and a numerical score of 87.


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