I've seen many a tailgate down around here

Except of course, when there's a dog running around the truck bed.  Turns out, having the tailgate down doesn't help your mileage.  Here are two of the four gas saving tips found on MainStreet.

4 Gas-Saving Myths to Ignore
Turn off the air conditioning and lower the windows.
The theory here is that air conditioning draws energy from the engine, and that lowering the windows reduces drag. Thus, on a warm day you should turn off the air conditioning and lower the windows to boost your gas mileage. Unfortunately, there appears to be little truth to this method: Edmunds tested it back in 2005 and found that the mileage was the same no matter which method they used to cool themselves. If it’s hot out, don’t hesitate to blast the A/C.

Leave your tailgate down.
Many pickup truck drivers will leave the tailgate down, the idea being that having it up will “catch” the air flowing over the truck, acting as a sail that increases drag and makes you burn more gas. But the Discovery Channel's hit show MythBusters tested this one and then re-tested it and found that fuel efficiency was actually a little better with the tailgate up. That’s right, keeping your tailgate open actually made things worse, and putting a cover on the pickup truck’s bed had no real impact on fuel efficiency.


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