Know these tricks before your continuing education job interview

Alison Green, aka Ask a Manager, lists ten strategies in that interviewers use to get to know the real you. I've listed three of these Jedi mind tricks below.  Be prepared.

10 Tricks Job Interviewers Use
1. Silence. Some interviewers will intentionally remain silent when you finish an answer, waiting to see if you'll start talking again. Most people are so uncomfortable with silence that they'll rush to fill it, and in doing so, they might offer information that's too candid or maybe damaging. The best strategy here? If your interviewer is using silence on you, remain silent right back. Chances are good that after about 10 seconds, the interviewer will start speaking again. If not, you can always ask, "Did I answer your question fully enough?"

2. Extreme friendliness. Good interviewers want you to let your guard down. By putting you at ease, they can get a better sense of who you really are (which is probably good for you) and maybe get you to relax and slip up (not so good for you). You're more likely to reveal something unflattering if you feel comfortable. This doesn't mean that you shouldn't relax, but do realize that this isn't a cozy chat with a friend; it's still an interview.

3. Asking "What do you know about us so far?" Interviewers ask this because they want to know if you did your homework. If you haven't prepared for the interview by learning all you can about the organization, it will show.


Nacole Guyton said…
These are good tips. I especially like the tip about the interviewer being silent so that the interviewee will continue talking. It's best to answer the question and nothing else.

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