Know your new hires

gives us five of their characteristics.  Here are two of them, from Advertising Age.

What to Know About Your Newest Generation of Employees
Loyalty is back
Each of these employees is aware that hundreds of candidates competed for the job, and they're ready to commit to building a long-term career. But they need a reason to stay. They know they bring particular skills to the table based on their digital upbringing, and they want to be assured that those skills are tapped and appreciated.

Engagement is essential
That need to have their skills matter leads this group to want to engage with clients and, even more important, inside the agency. They respect the hierarchy but don't want to defer. Agency leaders should lean into this requirement, teaching, coaching and nurturing those skills while reinforcing traditional ones necessary for success.


Anonymous said…
This is interesting. I wonder if loyalty is back because it is almost impossible to find a job in any industry. My theory: People recognize this employment issue upon hire and instead of thinking of the job as quickly replaceable, the employ decides to stay for the long term.

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