MLA Twitter citation

Last Name, First Name (User Name). "The tweet in its entirety." Date, Time. Tweet. Still waiting on the APA version, I guess, but MLA citation holds a soft spot in my heart. From The Tennessean.

Twitter gains ground as academic source
The explosion of interest following MLA’s online post with the rule stunned her. Last week, Middle Tennessee State University’s @MTSUnews account tweeted: “Modern Language Assoc. has devised a standard format for citing tweets in an academic paper. How do you think they did?” and included a link to an article on The Atlantic’s website.

“News breaks there first. Opinions are generated there that aren’t printed elsewhere,” said Feal, who maintains @MLAconvention and a personal account. “People were asking me all the time, ‘How do I cite Twitter?’ ”

She said the best part of the publicity is starting a fresh conversation about sources in general: whether they’re credible and original and how citations help readers find them.


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