2012 call for Board of Directors nominations

The International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET) is now accepting nominations for the 2012 IACET Board of Directors. This is your opportunity to promote high quality and value in the continuing education and training field, as well as to give back to the industry that you serve. You are eligible to nominate yourself or others to the open positions on the IACET Board of Directors.

The position descriptions and nomination form can be downloaded below. The deadline to submit a nomination is April 24, 2012

Position Descriptions
Nomination Form

Please keep the following recommendations in mind when nominating a candidate:

Potential candidates must:

1. Be a member of IACET in good standing,
2. Have held a leadership position in IACET or another organization (e.g., hospital board, community organization, work unit or committee) or group, and
3. Have a desire to use their expertise for the benefit of IACET (e.g. leadership in continuing education and training; marketing; association management; financial management), as evidenced by the candidate’s statement of his/her expertise and how he/she plans to use that expertise for IACET.


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