Chattanooga is so hot right now

We'll soon be hosting the North American Association of Summer Sessions annual conference there in 2014, believe.  The downtown is really nice, these days, hipsters aside.  From The Chattanooga Times Free Press.

Chattanooga mentioned as new magnet city for hipsters
In the past, hipster culture was commonly associated with cities such as Portland, Ore.; Austin, Texas, and Brooklyn, N.Y. Recently, hipsters have become an burgeoning subculture in Chattanooga.

On Feb. 21, Lauren Modery wrote an entry in Hipstercrite, her column for the digital magazine CultureMap Austin, titled “The new hipster cities of America: Who’s emerging as the ‘next Austin’?” Chattanooga was the first entry on a list that included cities such as Asheville, N.C., Burlington, Vt., and Richmond, Va.

Modery cited Volkswagen’s “super green” plant, Chatype’s move to create a citywide typeface and EPB’s high-speed fiber-optic network as signs Chattanooga is on the cusp of becoming a new hipster haven.


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