Help with developing entrepreneurship programs at community colleges

The National Association for Community College Entrepreneurship (NACCE) has introduced a series of six Quick Start Guides designed to help community colleges launch high-impact entrepreneurship programs. The guides, which can be purchased through a subscription or individually, cover essential practices that will accelerate a successful entrepreneurship program.

“NACCE is all about providing top-quality information to help community colleges across this country develop entrepreneurship programs that will drive economic vitality and job growth,” said NACCE Executive Director Heather Van Sickle. “This year, as we celebrate our 10th anniversary, the NACCE Quick Start Guides represent an important step toward fulfilling this objective. We are making these guides available to both NACCE members and nonmembers because we want to spread the word about how to build a strong entrepreneurship education program as far and wide as possible.”

“Because speed is a priority in a wobbly economy, the Quick Start Guides are written as an accelerant you can use to get your entrepreneurship program up, running and making a difference as quickly as possible,” said Ron Thomas, NACCE board chairman and president of Dakota County Technical College in Rosemount MN. “The essential practices presented in the guides are intended as a launching pad and framework.”

Guide #1 “Helping Entrepreneurs Succeed: The Role of Community Colleges”
Guide #2 “Helping Entrepreneurs Succeed: Building an Entrepreneurial Culture”
Guide #3 “Helping Entrepreneurs Succeed: Creating Community Partnerships in Support   of Entrepreneurship”
Guide #4 “Helping Entrepreneurs Succeed: Services and Support Systems”
Guide #5 “Helping Entrepreneurs and Intrapreneurs Succeed: Non-credit Programs”
Guide #6 “Helping Entrepreneurs and Intrapreneurs Succeed: Credit Programs”
CONTACT: Heather Van Sickle
(413) 306-3131 ext. 303


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