How's your continuing education team?

A good team drives success, but how do you know that you're looking at a good team? Steve Tobak, writing in CBS News Moneywatch, lists seven of the signs. All but possibly his first apply to continuing education teams.  Here are three of them.

7 signs of a great team
They respect the competition. They may want to see the competition dead and buried, but they absolutely realize that they're up against the best of the best -- companies with far greater resources that have created multi-billion dollar markets. If they didn't have the highest regard for their archrival, they wouldn't succeed or the goal wouldn't be as imperative.

Their leader is out in front and has their back. Great teams have a recognized leader who functions like a lightening rod for critics and issues that inevitably arise and a flack jacket that defends the group and absorbs attacks. He promotes the project, gets resources, removes hurdles and keeps management and everyone else off their back. And he never tells them what they can't do.
They respect each other. They're not the slightest bit averse to arguing, debating, fighting and challenging each other to resolve extraordinarily complex issues. But, at the end of the day, they're a team. They respect each other, blow off steam together, and drink way too many margaritas together, as a team.


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